9 Not Much Else

I've got time and I don't got much else
I've got you on my mind and I don't got much else
I bet it all on a ticket, a one-way train
The station and the destination were the same
I'm tired, battered and bruised
I don't got much else

I can sing and I don't got much else
I've got two hands and these strings and not much else
While some other man is taking you away
I'm wondering with mother fucking chords to play
With my voice and an empty room
Just a voice and a lonely tune
Just a voice crying for you
I don't much else

8 Giraffe!


Giraffe, get on the boat
It's back to Eden you heathen goat
Get on the boat
And go you animal go!
With that leopard skin you in


Giraffe, right over deck
Water’s comin up to your neck
Get under deck
Giraffe boy, giraffe girl

Just like that giraffe
Get like that giraffe
Me and my giraffe
Me and my giraffe
Me and my... Me and my

Giraffe, you got a long black tongue
Show em how it's sung
You got a long black tongue
Gimme some giraffe
And go you animal go!

7 Caliban

I’ve been outside at the cable
Listening to a sick man dying at the table
Nobody rich as my baby is
I built all of this and she’s his now
Having known but him
Him and...


I’m fishing same side as the pan goats
For powder mule fuel
To murder two tan coats
Nobody rich as these histories
Running up on us to just now
Running up on King Steph
Trinkerbell and...


Come unto yellow sands though
Come trip with Caliban through the bramble
While a will-o-the-wisp winks through the trees
Unimpendingly unendingly on the damned...


6 Is She Now?

I took her for granted
Like she was planted in some secret garden
I took her for some of them fancy nights
On the town to get down and we needed more
Then I took a call (damn), had a fall
From just standin' there in the doorway
Watchin' my baby go
And love irreciprocal

Is she now?
Is she now? Is she now?
Up over a mountain high enough
To keep me from gettin to her
Or she now?
In a valley too low or river wide

I never told her everything
Like how she's my everything and more
And how that ain't never changing
Like how she went from
Some can of corn in my arms
Into something impossible to hold
Girl I just wanna hold ya in my bed
Meditating on every shred of you
From toe head
But I know she's upset

Is she now?
Wishing I was dead? Over it all
Up over a mountain high enough
To keep me from gettin to her side
Is she now? Is she now?
Is she now? Is she now?
Not in love with me anymore
In a valley too low, a river wide

My stomach don't want nothing but her food
My heart is starvin' like Marvin
Life ain't no good

5 Hometown

I'll be alone for the last time if ya take me...
I coulda been born
In your hometown how it shaped me
And I've prayin' for our mothers
How they saved me with no hesitation

It fair knowin' that where your from
Could be everywhere that you left someone
Oh girl woah now, what if was born in your hometown
May well've been born in your hometown

mayyawellabeen born right round...

I'll be dreaming of you
Callin' me at 5:30 in the god damn’d
But yes ma’am I am waking
Bout one hundred seasons
Of cold dark men I've been for ya, hell I may be
If I'm down
Get me take me to the next town over
Where I'll play some guitar until you don't hate me
And I mean none

The whole world singing like your the girl I'm needin'
Are you singing too?
The whole world singing like your the girl I'm needin'
I've been meaning to
Meaning since the evening that I first saw you
To fall in love
I've been meaning since the evening of

4 Take Me Back

Take me back, take me back baby
Just let me go, won’t you let me go
Take me back, take me back to that place
I won’t leave, I won’t go
I would not ever go home
Oh won’t you please take me back
Take me on back to that place.

There, we were so happy together
And I knew that you would save me
Oh one more time is all I need

Cause there, the moon and the stars were around us
And I could spend all of my time
watching sparks spiraling in your eyes like fireflies

Take me back baby won’t you please
Take me back baby won’t you please
Take me, Take me
Once or twice or 16 times
Is all I need

3 Betty

Tell me your door bolt shut to anybody but me
Tell me I can't go one more tick
Of my racin' clock without ya Betty
Tell me anything that you can
Tell me I ain't one bit like any other man you met
I know now ain't the time to be fallin' for ya
But Betty I do heavy
Betty tell me that it's cool

I've been makin' eyes
Been on to your act since ‘95
And it ain't one bit sorrowful kid
I've been makin' eyes
Betty I try to be a good guy
Betty when we gonna try

I can tell that you ain't all all right like anybody else
But Betty we could be all right like everybody else
Just tell me you’ll cave like a guilt-ridden man
That’s diggin' his grave up
Tell me any ole thing that you can
When every night, Betty I say a little prayer for you
And I know now ain't the time for another crime
But Betty I'm tellin' true
Tell me that it’s cool
Tell me any ole thing, Betty it's cool

2 Rag Doll

Rag doll in the west winds in the breaths of the Vayu on the hairs of the green grass growing
Rag doll in the swift streams in the swells of Poseidon near the hooks of the pan goats fishing
Rag doll in the new throes in the sighs of young Venus girl when the hopes of a loved heart start skippin
Rag doll in the cool arms in the dreams of old papa bear while the graves of his hairy chest just start fallin
Rag doll in a dark room jars the gates of grim reaper and shoes a horse at hoarse throats callin
Callin all rag dolls

Get half off all rag dolls
Get half of it all
Get apple pickin cast offs
Get half of the haul
Get castle stormin bad folks
Get half of yer wall
Get a sole-kissin whack fool
Get sycophants sick of your rules

1 Aaron Neville

Girl when you do it well you can tell
You bring the hell right out of me
We both know those red hot coals grow cold
By the end of a long week

Even you need someone to hold on to
A mighty nice succumb
Wouldn’t it be nice if we were young
We wouldn’t have to hurt no-one

I remember when I felt it too
But it ain’t you lately
I bet that I’ll forget all about you
By verse 2

You’re all settle down, I’m all bevel down
Singing high like Aaron Neville now
Get on my level now

The Band

More Hazards More Heroes is an indie folk duo performing together since 2010 out of Nashville, TN. Their music consists of tasteful, corky and fresh, soulful, southern folk blues numbers.